If I had a twin sister…

it would be this girl riding the bicycle with me: Jeannie! We look like twins, right? : P

Now that she has just turned twenty, here are 20 things about her that I love and miss.

1. She loves yellow. Everytime I see an extra extra bright yellow top, pants, cardigan or anything that screams yellow in a store, she always come to my mind. She is little miss sunshine, like literally, when she enters a room.

2. “Pasiklab!” It must be her favorite word or expression. I miss her say it! I actually hear it in my head right now. haha

3. She has really nice hair. It’s so shiny and always in place! If there was a Miss Beautiful Hair pageant, she’d totally win it.

4. She loves Pride & Prejudice! I think she has a collection of different versions of the book, which I want to see!

5. She has a Converse Chuck Taylor collection. She must have more than 20 pairs!

6. She must be one of the most devoted Harry Potter fans I know. Boggarts in the wardrobe.

7. Miranda Kerr is her spirit animal. I always see her reblog any Miranda Kerr pictures! I think she’s obsessed with her. haha

8. Dancing is her biggest passion. She dances really well! Believe me when I say her hips don’t lie. Her hips do all the talking when she dances, that anyone who watches would just stop and stare… or maybe even drool. ; )

9. She has a smokin’ body! Period.

10. She has a flexible body! It scares me sometimes, cause whenever she’s bored she would go into a corner and do some stretching exercises which don’t look comfortable at all! But then, you look at her face and she seems so relaxed, it’s not possible. haha

11. She can rock red lips!

12. She is always pumped and energetic! Her energy is infectious.

13. She knows how to have fun, let loose, and get wild. She is one of my adventurous friends na go lang ng go!

14. She loves her brother and sister soooooo much. And she looks soooooo much like them too. ; )

15. She is a born leader. It’s hard to explain, but I feel that she knows how to bring people together and lead them into doing something fruitful. Well, she was president of a dance club.

16. She is a generous friend anyone would ask for. If you are her friend, she wouldn’t think twice to do anything for you. One wouldn’t hesitate to come to her to ask for help or to confide in her with anything.

17. She is mushy, and thoughtful, and so pa-cute! I love her! (Girl, I miss your smile! As in the one na ginagaya ko haha)

18. She will travel the world. And she will be dancing her way to see the whole world! I know that for sure!

19. She is a dream-chaser. Despite all the hurdles, she knows how to get her dreams so she chases it.

20. She is beautiful both inside and out. And it’s shocking cause she doesn’t always see that! She’s amazing and people around her love her!


Hey Twinnie, belated happy birthday! I miss you and I really hope you’re here with me in London right now. I hope you are having an awesome summer! ❤

2 thoughts on “If I had a twin sister…

  1. Charmaine! thank you so much for this! I miss you mega and like I said on twitter, I wish I was there with you so that I can bug you every minute of every day lalala. HAHAHA. I hope you’re having the time of your life. I know it’s what you’ve always been wanting to do! I promise I will see you again soon, even if I have to fly across the ocean with G1. lol. I love you and take care! xoxo

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