What Will Make You Want to be In a Relationship?

Getting into a relationship these days is complex and stressful. There are rules and there aren’t and there are these different levels and stages. I’m not the type who is always in a relationship. Aside from the fact that I am comfortable being single, I’m also more into finding that one great love. I’m a damn romantic, okay? I just don’t want to waste time with people who won’t even be half as great as my greatest love.

I don’t have a lot of experience in relationships being that my last and only one was back when I was 14, but I have taken a lot from that experience. It was the teenage kind of love, too frail and inadequate to have kept up with my goals and other priorities in life. After that, I just became very picky and I always do risk analysis every time I meet a guy who has boyfriend potential. After six years, what am I even looking for?

1. A person who will sweep me off my feet. I believe that the guy who will make me consider being in a relationship has to have the X factor. Someone who can make me laugh, make me appreciate the world more, and push me to be my best. Someone who appreciates beauty and is energized by adventure and surprise. Someone who has passion and little joys in life that he could share with me. Just someone who isn’t afraid to show his true self and express his feelings, and who will accept my true self and respect my feelings as well.

2. An irresistible and growing attraction. You know, that feeling of just looking into the person’s eyes and instantly getting a spark. That feeling of sharing the room with the person and it’s as if the world around both of you is collapsing. That feeling of desire and attraction so strong it must be mutual. I also want to be able to see this person and tell myself, “He can’t possibly just be a friend.” I want that intensity.

3. That special moment which will make me say, “I can drop everything for this person“. I’m a go big or go home kind of girl. If I go for a guy, he can bet on it that I’d play all my cards for him without holding anything back. I do believe in fate, and if a person who would make me question my priorities comes in my life then I will follow my heart unconditionally. Once I realize that that moment has arrived, know that I’ll be fighting for him and for us at all odds. It’s irrational and stupid, but that’s how it goes for me. Love and lose everything or have nothing at all.

At present, I do feel more prepared for a relationship, albeit still not fully. The greatest revelation is I definitely know what I want now. I’m just waiting for the right person and the perfect timing for me to jump in a relationship. Hopefully, the next one is the great and last.

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