I got smarter.

Starting March with the belief that “Life’s still tough, but I got smarter.”

It’s Pisces season!! And it only means one thing, it’s birthday season for me! And it’s also Mercury retrograde in Pisces, so fuck y’all. This is what life’s like everyday for us. FEEL EVERYTHING and FEEL NOTHING at the same time. Watch all Pisceans in the world get together for one giant emotional fest. We are not apologizing for it, Aquarians.

Third month of the year and I finally feel luck sticking by me. I feel more empowered recently — feeling like I’ve been making the right choices and decisions. Also stepping away and saying goodbye to things and people that really are just clutter in my life. I’m getting smarter when it comes to whom I spend my energy on. It’s really a mini success for me, because I have always suffered setting boundaries on what I give and the time I make available to people.

I’m really surprised that after getting a flu shot, my immune system got 200% better. It dawned on me how weak I was last year. Just one night out of drinking will give me flu the next day. I think it’s also domino effect since I continue to shy away from super late night outs in a row. I’m managing my time properly, which is a BIG SURPRISE. I have bad time discipline. A lot of good things have been happening and I just need to maintain my system and routine. I’m probably lacking in the exercise (fitness) department, but I’m working on it. This gal will sweat it out soon (hopefully lol).

This weekend I have a big party in “a cabin in the woods” in the Poconos and I’m so excited to just hang and chill with my village of supporters and friends. Will post pictures soon! But for now, I’m hoping the good energy gets sustained to get the party going. 🙂



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