Have a day where you don’t talk to anybody. Be unavailable to everyone but yourself. Take this time to recharge and replenish. To everyone who needs you and demands your time, they can wait.

Check yourself. Are you alright? Are you rested? Are you happy? Reflect on your current situation. It’s important that you are still present. And that you don’t over-exert yourself. You work best and love best when you are at your best.

Take breaks, it is necessary.

Selfish in its own right

Today’s reminder is about demanding your place in a relationship / situationship.

I used to always accommodate people I date. I adjust myself in order to be not too demanding and not too lax at the same time. But after a lot of pondering, I thought, “Hey, what about me? How about my feelings? Have they considered my wants and needs?” Most of the time, we get lost in the idea of pleasing the other person that we neglect our own needs and desires. It is okay to ask yourself, “am I being appreciated in this relationship? Am I getting the same effort of what I’m giving?”

It is never selfish to demand what would make you feel secure in the relationship. So what if you look clingy? So what if you think you’re too demanding? This is your relationship. State the terms of your peace and happiness.

It is okay to demand the same level of attention, time, and affection of what you are giving. It is only acceptable. Remind yourself: this is your relationship, too.


I am done pinning my self-worth on other people’s acceptance of me. I am important because I know who I am and I know my value. I get it, I will meet people who will not see me for who I am and won’t treat me the way I would like and deserve. And that’s okay. I will walk away and accept it. That’s how life is. You give yourself to someone you hope is worthy of you, and in cases that you fail, you hurt but you try again.

I know that the person who is worthy to receive my love will value my time, my attention, and my whole person. I can’t wait to meet that person one day. But for now, I am worthy to have me.