Music Tells Me I’m…

Oy vey! It’s been a while, huh? Well, there have been struggles for me to find an hour to sit down and create a think piece for this blog. I have been bombarded with unpaid intern work in the office (keyword: unpaid, which is sad) and I often come home late very tired.  Three of five nights last week I have fallen asleep on the couch. It’s tough! Also, I have been polluting my mind with reality shows that may or may not have killed my mood for writing. Actually, today (a Saturday) I barely left my bed due to rewatching past seasons of Project Runway. I’m so totally gay-crushing on Zac Posen.


They say that you get a peek of what a person is like through the music he/she listens to. I agree, which is why I’m letting you peek into my soul by sharing the songs I have in my iPhone. I currently implemented a 50-song limit to my iPhone, so this list include my classic and current favorites. At first I found it hard to have such narrowed variety of songs in my player because my mood changes a lot. But I realized that having these handpicked songs to listen to on a daily basis is one way to understand myself more as a fan of music and I also get to know more of the bands and artists that I identify with. Interestingly enough, I found out that I’m captivated by hip and funky sounds with a tinge of rock. I am really into indie-dance-pop-rock with a mix of a little alternative rock.


Capital Cities’ In A Tidal Wave of Mystery album

If you often tune in to the radio, I’m sure you have heard their most famous track Safe and Sound a dozen of times. It’s so fresh and it has that comfortable and drifting vibe to it. Personally, I love an incorporation of different instruments and eccentric sounds in songs and this song which met that criteria pushed me to get the full album. There is definitely no trash in this album which makes it more damn difficult to pick an ultimate favorite. I am amazed that all are groovy songs which I really enjoy. Capital Cities really was a surprise to me because I didn’t expect to like them so much. The album slightly reminds me of Daft Punk’s latest album, which is a good thing because I am a fan of the latter. I really am campaigning for them to get album of the year. Personal recommendations for first listeners would be Patience Gets Us Nowhere Fast, Kangaroo Court, and Origami.

Haim’s Days Are Gone album

How do I even begin to rave about these sisters from Cali??? I am just truly, completely, and savagely in love with them! I think that there is nothing like them in the current music scene. Their music is like a current form of 80s girl power rock mashed with indie pop, which I can’t seem to ever get tired of. When my cousin introduced them to me through their song Don’t Save Me, I was sold on the first three beats that I outright told her that this is the type of music that would last years in my iPod. Their song lyrics have also won me over. “No baby, don’t save me“, “I’ll never look back, never give up“, “I’m tired of fighting the good fight“. These are all tweet-worthy, it’s genius! UGH I JUST LOVE THEM. You have to listen to Falling and Forever.

Smallpools – EP

Their song Dreaming was my theme for my European adventure and my favorite song of the summer. It screams vibrant energy and sunshine and good vibes just like the rest of songs that make up this extended play (No Story Time, Mason Jar, and Over & Over). It’s such a loss if you haven’t heard of them yet. Sean Scanlon on the vocals is one of the best things about this group. I am so excited for their first full album. Hurry up, hurry up.

Lorde’s The Love Club EP

First of all, it’s simply amazing how Lorde just made history as the youngest artist who made it to Billboard hits’ No. 1 spot at 16. I knew this girl will go far! Hearing Royals for the first time gave me chills. The song has such a power and intensity that it instantly made me want to learn the lyrics to the song. It’s so far from the usual icky popstar songs these days. ‘When you’re ready come and get it?’ Get what, exactly??? I’m just so tired of hearing Selena and Miley. I really think Lorde is a clean break from these girls and all the shit they bring.

St. Lucia‘s self-titled album

I am such a believer of this band. Everytime I listen to my personal favorites Closer Than This and All Eyes on You, I get this inner peace and serenity. Their album cover is exactly what I envision in my head when I listen to them. They just have this rare and special sound that makes them stand out from all the starting indie bands these days. I have yet to listen to their recently released album titled When The Night. I’m sure that album would lead me to another paradise.

Tegan & Sara‘s songs from the Heartthrob album

The voices of Tegan and Sara are so exquisite that there are days when I just want to listen to them and only them. I call it Tegan and Sara and me days. Some of their songs keep me calm and settled, while others are perfect when I’m feeling masochistic and I want to drown myself in more heartache after such a hopeless day. I have been an avid fan since their first album and I know I’ll be sticking with them for long. Especially with songs such as Closer and Goodbye, Goodbye.

Daughter’s The Wild Youth EP

Talk about music that is perfect for this season. Daughter’s music completes the picture of cold weather, the falling of leaves, a cup of pumpkin spice latte, a good book, and a warm blanket. Although the songs are breathy, heavy, and somewhat depressing, we love it because deep down we love heavy and depressing! The song Medicine is actually special to me because it helped me go through some issues in life. Their song titles are basic but capture the enormity of the songs: HomeYouthMedicine, and Love.

My favorites from The Killers

1) All These Things That I’ve Done (from Hot Fuss)

2) Joy Ride (from Day And Age)

3) Miss Atomic Bomb (from Battle Born)

4) Mr. Brightside (from Hot Fuss)

5) Runaways (from Battle Born)

6) Somebody Told Me (from Hot Fuss)

7) When You Were Young (from Sam’s Town)

These guys made my teenage life interesting. More than the fact that I still want to marry Brandon Flowers, his voice, and his sexy legs, I know that I will never outgrow The Killers. I love to agree that their music is an acquired taste, because I am selfish and as much as possible I don’t want to share them to anyone. But that’s impossible because they are truly impeccable. Their sound has emerged, but the drama is still there, the abstract lyrics, and definitely the Killers magic.

The Verdict: Based on the music I presented, I’d like to think that I am a strong and independent lady who can be romantic, dramatic, and funky all at the same time and who is in constant search of a purpose and a paradise.  YES. I believe I got it right.

The Pretty Girls

This Saturday, I picked a sort of romantic song with beautiful piano accompaniment by Ed Harcourt. I don’t believe how this guy is not famous when he makes sweet sweet music!

Anyway, the song is about pretty girls who always seem to fall for the baddest boys. There must be an explanation because I’m also very drawn to this typical plot. I must have read a dozen young adult romance novels of this kind but I’m still a sucker for it.