Angela: Have you told Charlie yet? …how you really feel?
Mollie: No. What’s the point? I’m leaving tomorrow.
Angela: See, you always do this. Can you stop acting like you control everyone’s mind? You don’t know what he’s going to think. You don’t know how he’s going to react if he found out. Wouldn’t it give you peace to release those feelings you have?
Mollie: No, it wouldn’t give me peace to find out that he doesn’t give a crap about my feelings.
Angela: AGAIN, you don’t even know that. Stop being a crazy person. A lot of times, I don’t understand you. You seem to like to create problems for yourself. Like problems that are non-existent but you create them for yourself anyway. Geez.
Mollie: I just don’t want to get hurt. At least if I leave it be, there is a 50% chance he likes me back, a 50% chance he doesn’t. Now, if I go out there and find out, then it’s going to be a responsibility and it will be my responsibility.
Angela: Fuck that. You are definitely overthinking this. You said it yourself, you’re leaving tomorrow anyway. So move on while you move far far away.
Mollie: Again, if I turn out to be right, WHAT WILL BE THE POINT?
Angela: You’ll get closure, you ass.
Mollie: You’re funny. He doesn’t even know what it is that is OPEN. And now he has the power to CLOSE it? Great.
Angela: You’re losing time, Cinderella. Just go up to him and say it. What do you have to lose?
Mollie: Uhhh… my dignity? I could go out anonymous. Him never knowing about me, and now you’re giving me the option to be known as the creep who has secretly harbored feelings for him.
Angela: You were lab partners! You kind of shared a grade together, you know. You kind of touched hands while holding those test tubes. Saying that aloud felt weird. Point is, you are not anonymous to him.
Mollie: I’m not doing it…