Rise and Shine: Destiny waits for no man.

How can something as simple as two words give so much motivation? Rise and Shine. Whenever I feel lazy to do something I am supposed to do, it rings in my head: Rise and Shine. While on the treadmill, when I feel like running faster but my heart and lungs says no, I shout to myself ‘Rise and Shine”. No to that Nutella sandwich, Rise and Shine! No to that double choco-chip cookie, Rise and Shine! I never imagined it would be effective.

This ad by Nike has been my alarm clock for the past 5 days and so far I have been conquering the enemy within. It’s the voice, it’s the message. This pushes me off the bed everyday, pushing me to do things I have always believed I can’t. It tells me that I am ready for school, for work, for pushing boundaries, for finding greatness. It tells me that I am ready for life. Prove the life demons wrong, because you can win your fight.

Is this it?

There is no logical reason to resist the current changes because they’ll ultimately bring you closer to your dreams.” (Pisces horoscope for July 3, from Huffingtonpost)

Is this it? Am I finally seeing the revelation I’ve been waiting for or is this some wild coincidence? A trick the universe is playing on me again?

Some days, it’s more challenging not to believe in astrology. Especially, when the message is apt and speaks right through your soul. I guess it is correct what they say, “You believe what you want to hear.

Allow and enable

I was so happy that I came across this message written by Ralph Marston from greatday.com yesterday. It’s only what I wanted to hear.

Allow and enable

If it seems that you’re stuck where you are, no matter what you do, then you’re almost certainly trying too hard. Stop trying and start allowing.

When you’re striving and fighting and pushing, you’re working against yourself. Take a breath, calm down, and be.

Be you, in the moment, honestly, authentically, needing nothing and appreciating everything. Allow, accept, enjoy, and you cannot possibly remain stuck.

Where there is genuine love, appreciation and enjoyment, there can be no resentment or frustration. When you fully allow life to flow to you and through you, then you enable creativity and value to naturally and easily flow out from you.

Life is beautiful to a degree that goes far beyond anything that you can imagine. Stop trying to imagine that beauty and start allowing yourself to experience it.

Let go of the need to strive and to judge. And embrace the profound opportunity to be, now.

Can’t stop me now

It has come to a point that the world has raised its white flag and has knelt before me. I am its master. I feel unstoppable and unbeatable and I see my fate smiling back at me.

To say that I have overcome all the obstacles would be an insufficient ending to my story, an ending my story does not deserve. There is more to this than winning. It’s the prize that I look forward to redeeming! Too many times I felt every chance and circumstance go against me that if I had only let myself wince and crumble, there would be no triumph to celebrate.

The fight is almost over and I am so close to the prize. I can almost touch it and taste it, its light blinding me. Finally, the dream slowly turns into reality.

This fight did not only make me stronger, but it also made me see clearer what I want and where I am going. I waited so long for this, that it’s painful at times when luck denies all hope. Sacrifices have been made, and because of that I only think it fair that I deserve to have it. I see my fate smiling back at me.


My Philosophy professor returned our third quiz and posted our midterm oral grade today and guess what! I got D….isappointment, D… epression and a D… isaster. I really need a check-up on my priorities, because I may actually be forgetting that I’m currently in the middle of my supposedly last semester in college which means that any symptom of failure deserves a reprimanding. Failing a class will be unforgivable at this point. I have to admit that I am getting a little too distracted with all my post-graduation plans. I am all focused on what is after the finish line that I don’t seem to notice a three-foot hurdle two meters away.

The key is to get my concentration and motivation back. This month is the perfect time to exert extra effort and make up for my zeros. I feel nervous that my time will not be enough to pull up my grades, but if there is one thing I learned from my Theo class, it is that “There is hope in the margins“. I have to quote Jon Sobrino on that. He may have used poverty as his context to the quote, but I really think that this will work best for my situation right now. I am in the margins. Well, his quote worked on me a dozen times already. Whenever I feel hopeless, helpless, and on the edge of a meltdown, a little ray of light always pokes inside the dark box that is my life and all the impossibility fades away. I just really have to get back in the zone.