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Tommy and Molly-Mae

Love Island UK

Ok, so my midsummer guilty pleasure was watching Love Island UK in the wee hours of the morning. I started with the current season but Hulu took a while to catch up, so I ended up looking at Love Island UK hashtags and found this particular tweet saying, “Give me another Tommy and Molly-Mae kind of love“. As I scrolled, the more Twitterverse kept screaming for Molly-Mae. Who is this iconic Molly-Mae and what is it about her that people didn’t mind typing her whole name and a hyphen in their tweets?? After much-a-Google, I found out that Tommy and Molly were from Season 5 and I confirm that their love was actually worth all the hype. I got obsessed with their love story and the rest of that season’s cast, believe it or not. That was a great Love Island season with lots of drama and garbage characters, just as I like ’em. So now, I am also obsessed with Molly-Mae’s life and relationship with Tommy post-Love Island that I watch her Youtube vlogs on the daily.

Summer ’21 in Florida

Our summer vacation this year in Florida was a mild version of a personal hell because of the 86C heat paired with 87 degree humidity. Considering that I lived in the Philippines for most of my life, Florida in the summer is a different kind of beast. It was hot, sticky, and I was sweating…

I got smarter.

Starting March with the belief that “Life’s still tough, but I got smarter.” It’s Pisces season!! And it only means one thing, it’s birthday season for me! And it’s also Mercury retrograde in Pisces, so fuck y’all. This is what life’s like everyday for us. FEEL EVERYTHING and FEEL NOTHING at the same time. Watch…

It took courage.

Hooray! I just survived my first week of grad school. I still honestly can’t believe it. I am now a graduate student! First one in my family, my goodness! I just announced it on Facebook, and yes, that makes it official. And yes, I am claiming full responsibility. People just don’t know the amount of…

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