Little bucket dreams


1. Spend a summer in Florence to learn to speak Italian, eat Italian, cathedrals and museums Italian, cobblestone roads and Vespas Italian, sunflower fields and vineyards Italian, boys Italian, and submerge myself in Italian culture. (Note: This entitles me to a Schengen visa which means I get to travel to other places in Europe which means GOING BACK TO BERLIN AND PARTYING MY ASS OFF.)

2. Gather my college friends (Block G1) and go together on a 12-day Mediterranean Greek Isles cruise. Barcelona, Mykonos, Cannes, Turkey, Naples! The bonding time on the ship and possibly meeting new friends stoke me.

3. Spend a holiday with my family (plus my favorite aunt and cousin, Tita Tess and Erika) in Tokyo, Japan. My brothers have always wanted to go there, my mom loves the scenery, and I’m just excited to eat all the Japanese food that I can. Hello, unli gyoza, sushi, ramen, and matcha ice cream!

Those are some of my biggest dreams in life and I get so tingly inside just thinking about making all of them happen.

I want to go home.

The traveling I have done in the past month has been an amazing gift. It has given me so much ecstasy and joy. But as I move to the second month of my vacation, things are taking a turn. Seriously, I am so tired of moving. I just want to lay my luggages down, take all my clothes out and finally put it in a closet that I call mine. I just want to lie in a bed which is not suit for a guest, but a bed that is mine. I want to drink morning coffee from my own cup. I want to sit on the sofa, in front of the TV, and stay there the whole day without thinking about the time I’m wasting, time that could have been spent better outside sitting on London’s beautiful parks. Why am I having a difficult time liking it here? I try so hard to appreciate all the beautiful landscapes, buildings, streets that I feel bad because London is such a lovely city. Maybe the timing isn’t right. I’m just so tired from all the traveling. Seeing new places has bored me, that I just want to go home.

But where is home?